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commercial litigation


Cost-effective results in commercial controversies

Commercial disputes cause delays, eat up profits and damage the business relationships you depend on to turn a profit and grow your enterprise. Your commercial litigation attorney must be adept at resolving issues firmly without unnecessarily escalating them. He or she should be skilled across a variety of dispute resolutions methods, including traditional negotiation, arbitration, mediation and litigation in civil court. Finally, your attorney must realize that the best resolution is the one that puts your business back to work in the least amount of time, on the best terms and at the lowest cost. Handel & Carlini, LLP is committed to a superior level of client service that meets and exceeds your business needs.


Commercial dispute resolution skills

Before taking an action to court, Handel & Carlini, LLP makes every effort to resolve your commercial dispute with less extreme measures. Their attorneys have the critical insight and analytical ability to isolate the material issues, focus on crucial matters and determine the proper corrective measures. Using a reasoned but determined approach, the firm’s attorneys are generally able to persuade the opposing party to accept the appropriate remedy.


Quality representation in state and federal court and administrative hearings

When actions at law become necessary, the Litigation Section represents plaintiffs and defendants in every conceivable type of action before federal, state and city courts in New York and before federal, state and city administrative agencies. The subject matter of the cases is quite diverse, including partnership problems, commercial contracts and disputes, corporate, real estate, bankruptcy proceedings, criminal cases, negligence cases and a host of other areas.

Skilled appellate lawyers stay with your case

In addition to litigation, Handel & Carlini, LLP has extensive experience in appellate matters. Clients enjoy the luxury of having the same attorneys who tried their case handle their appeal. This continuity of service assures that all relevant details are remembered and included in the appellate argument.


Contact a capable and diligent commercial litigation attorney

To schedule a free initial consultation with a commercial litigation and appeal attorney from Handel & Carlini, LLP, call 845-454-2221 or  contact the firm’s office online.

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