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construction law


Experienced Poughkeepsie Construction Law & Litigation Attorneys

Transaction and litigation services for industry and consumer clients

Construction is the engine of our local and national economy. When construction is vibrant, it means that credit is flowing and jobs are being created. Thus, housing starts are often cited as an indicator of economic growth or decline, making construction the canary in the coal mine with respect to regional and national prosperity. Handel & Carlini, LLP facilitates construction with sound counsel before groundbreaking — and proactive problem-solving and dispute resolution throughout the course of operations.


Construction transactions simplified and expedited

After years of concentrated attention to matters involving construction law, Handel & Carlini, LLP is able to offer the highest level of legal representation to owners, contractors, construction managers, developers, design professionals and suppliers in need of sound advice about all aspects of the construction process. The firm’s services include document preparation, contract negotiation and formation, financing and warranty issues. The firm’s lawyers work closely with you to ensure they learn all the necessary details of your business plan and goals for your project. They remain readily available and easily accessible from the start of your project to its successful completion.


Construction litigation lawyers put your project back on track

The more complex and ambitious your construction project, the more likely it is to hit a snag before it’s completed. Delays cause frustration and eat away at your profits. Handel & Carlini, LLP takes an aggressive approach to construction disputes, getting to the heart of the conflict and moving swiftly toward a fair resolution that protects their client’s interests. The attorneys have vast experience with a variety of issues affecting construction projects, including:

  • Breach of contract

  • Delayed performance

  • Substandard performance

  • Design flaws

  • Material defects

  • Subcontractor performance

  • Mechanics and materialmen liens

  • Liquidated damages


Arbitration, mediation and litigation of construction disputes

Though the attorneys of Handel & Carlini, LLP are confident trial lawyers, they employ a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods that are often less time-consuming and less costly. Arbitration is frequently appropriate when two parties have a different understanding of a clause in the contract. In such a case, each party expresses his or her understanding of the language, and an arbitrator decides on the interpretation. Mediation is helpful when changed circumstances have made the contract burdensome to one or both parties, and a decision must be made as to how to share the added cost. The point of these processes is to get the parties back to work on the project as soon as possible. However, Handel & Carlini, LLP is always mindful of the client’s rights and has the necessary skill and determination to litigate in court to enforce the terms of the contract.


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