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Advocates of creditor’s rights in consumer and business bankruptcy cases

The recent proliferation of business and consumer bankruptcy filings nationally has caused a domino effect, affecting lenders and forcing them to tighten credit, thereby slowing the overall economy. There are very good and humane reasons for allowing businesses and individuals to get out from under debt they can never hope to repay, but when bankruptcy filings become a casual way of shedding obligations, they damage innocent parties while allowing irresponsible actors to escape natural and foreseeable consequences. A healthy economy requires a healthy balance where risk-taking is not severely punished but creditor rights are upheld, so the system remains sufficiently capitalized to fuel economic expansion. Handel & Carlini, LLP advocates for creditors in business and consumer bankruptcy proceedings to ensure that lending institutions remain robust and our local Hudson River Valley economy prospers.


Quality representation for financial institutions

The firm provides the necessary skills to represent a broad spectrum of clients including: banks, credit unions, and other institutional lenders; secured parties; trade creditors; commercial developers; construction contractors; distressed corporations; and creditors’ committees.  Our extensive experience allows for full scale representation of our clients in all aspects of pending bankruptcy cases.

The firm also has substantial experience in reorganization and liquidation cases and has represented our clients’ interests in bankruptcies throughout the New York/New Jersey region.  We actively represent clients on issues pertaining to assumption and rejection of executory contracts and real estate leases; protection of cash collateral; post-petition financing, plan structure and confirmation; and the acquisition and sales of assets in bankruptcy.

We are also active in representing clients in bankruptcy hearings and litigation matters which include: automatic stay litigation and enforcement; objections to discharge; preference and fraudulent conveyance litigation; lender liability claims; contested proceedings regarding the use of cash collateral and objections to claims; and contested disclosure statement and plan confirmation hearings.


Poughkeepsie banking lawyer offers preventative counsel

In addition, as skilled banking law attorneys, Handel & Carlini, LLP regularly advises clients concerning the workout and extension of troubled loans, restructuring of debt through out-of-court workouts, business planning formulation and structuring corporate transactions to anticipate and protect against future bankruptcies. The firm’s trusts attorneys offer sound counsel on wealth management and asset protection for individual clients.


Contact us

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your rights as a creditor in an impending bankruptcy hearing, contact a knowledgeable attorney from Handel & Carlini, LLP. Call 845-454-2221 or contact the firm’s office online.

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