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landlord tennant law


Representing Commercial Landlords

Handel & Carlini, LLP provides comprehensive services to commercial landlords and real estate management companies in New York. Our broad range of services in landlord and tenant litigation includes such services as lease, contract and statutory rights enforcement, summary holdover proceedings, and summary nonpayment proceedings.

Handel & Carlini, LLP assists commercial landlords by countering tenant defenses and working toward a final judgment of possession and money judgment or settlement as expeditiously as possible.


Representing Residential Landlords

Handel & Carlini, LLP provides comprehensive litigation services to protect the rights of residential landlords in New York. Handel & Carlini, LLP helps protect the rights of landlords by pursuing Tenants who are not paying their rent, being a nuisance, have too many roommates, or otherwise are breaching the agreed upon terms of the rental.

Handel & Carlini, LLP works toward a final judgment or settlement of the summary holdover proceeding or summary nonpayment proceeding as expeditiously as possible. They understand that significant amounts of money are at stake, and every week or month that goes by, a landlord could lose thousands of dollars in rent.

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