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Choosing Handel & Carlini

The act of choosing an attorney can often be challenging and arduous. One of the best ways to figure out whether an attorney is right for your needs is to just meet with them. Research, background checks, advice, and directories are all encouraged but can only ever check so many boxes on your list. The rest of your answers should come by way of an in person meeting, where we can go over our skills and experience, fees and structuring, special certifications, additional costs, timing, fee agreement and representation, and how we handle case developments and communication. We can also help you to better understand the process from the discovery stage to the exchange of information pertinent to the case. At Handel & Carlini we are dedicated to providing highly professional and personalized service to institutional and individual clients. We offer a free initial consultation with a commercial litigation and appeal attorney, our staff is friendly and helpful, and our offices are easily accessible with four locations to choose from. Our attorneys and support staff have all been carefully selected to provide clients with the highest degree of professionalism as a team responsive to clients’ legal problems and needs. Handel & Carlini, LLP, does more than solve legal problems. We are a law firm that distinguishes itself by the results we achieve for our clients, a distinction in which we all at Handel & Carlini take great pride.


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