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The spring real estate market

The spring real estate market will be here before you know it and many are ready to hit the ground running. If you are one of these folks and plan on catching the wave as a buyer or seller, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the spring market. Real estate transactions happen year round, but even our client base of private lenders, financial institutions, builders, developers, individuals, owners of residential and commercial buildings, commercial tenants, cooperative and condominium boards and real estate investors, all know that there can be serious advantages to a spring market. A few ways it can differ from the winter months is that you will often see more choices in inventory and lower mortgage rates, but you should be aware that on the flip side you could sometimes see increased competition and higher price tags. The market will also often vary from city to city and this year’s won’t be the same as last, but there is common thread that applies…be prepared. Talk to lenders, interview real estate agents (get references and check them out), and have all your legal paper work in order. Also if you are a residential seller in NY make sure you know the rules about underground heating oil tanks and removing them, as well getting a mold inspection prior to sale as any problems here could halt or even ruin your sale. Our firm’s real estate section provides a full range of services to assure you a proper real estate transaction, and come spring we are ready to be your legal representation during a time of year that's typically considered the hottest period for the housing market.

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