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Poughkeepsie Collections Attorney

Legal assistance for lenders and uncompensated merchants

Laws meant to protect consumers from harassment by creditors can make it very difficult for lenders and merchants to collect sums to which they are entitled. Of course, waiting passively is not an option. Every day your lack of cash flow is hurting your business, while it’s quite possible your debtor is paying other creditors rather than you. And if a debtor is truly distressed, he or she may be heading for bankruptcy, hoping to discharge all obligations to you. Handel & Carlini, LLP understands that your business depends on a timely and complete payment for goods or services rendered. The firm’s attorneys pursue collections lawfully, but aggressively and effectively.


Choosing collections law firm services over collection agencies

Handel & Carlini, LLP attorneys adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Members of the firm conduct themselves politely and professionally at all times, so there is never a threat of harassment claims being levied against the firm or you. Lawyers have an additional advantage over a collection agency: when a law firm warns they’ll file suit, it’s not an idle threat as it often is with collection agencies, who don’t want the extra expense impacting their bottom line. Often the mere threat of a suit can lead to payment in full or a negotiated settlement. Because Handel & Carlini, LLP can quickly bring a civil action, they are capable of obtaining judgments in cases where the amounts owed are in dispute, improving your chances of receiving payment.


Collections law firm protects creditor and merchant rights

Handel & Carlini, LLP manages collections for clients in businesses the firm is well acquainted with, including real estate, finance and construction law. The firm has collected sums due as a result of:

  • Construction contracts

  • Real estate transactions

  • Loan and mortgage agreements

  • Court judgments

  • Professional fees

Handel & Carlini, LLP also represents creditors seeking to collect from consumers and businesses who have filed for bankruptcy.


Contact us

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your rights as a creditor, contact a knowledgeable attorney from Handel & Carlini, LLP. Call (845) 454-2221 or contact the firm’s office online.

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