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Resolving Construction Disputes

Construction is the engine of our local and national economy and sometimes disputes can arise because of disagreements between the parties involved in a contract. These disputes can lead to a breach of contract, or termination. Parties in a contract need to take the necessary steps to reduce the possibility of disputes because if conflicts are not well managed, they quickly turn into disputes. The most common areas for construction disputes are poorly drafted contracts, project delays, design changes (or faulty design), and payment claims. If these disputes are not resolved promptly, they can drag on, escalating and causing project delays, which can eventually lead to claims and require litigation proceedings for resolution. After years of concentrated attention to matters involving construction law, we can offer the highest level of legal representation to owners, contractors, construction managers, developers, design professionals and suppliers in need of sound advice about all aspects of the construction process. We take an aggressive approach to construction disputes, getting to the heart of the conflict and moving swiftly toward a fair resolution that protects their client’s interests. Though our attorneys are confident trial lawyers, we also employ a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods that are often less time-consuming and less costly. The point of these processes is to get the parties back to work on the project as soon as possible. However, Handel & Carlini, LLP is always mindful of the client’s rights and has the necessary skill and determination to litigate in court to enforce the terms of the contract.


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